About Dr Anbu

About Dr Anbu

Dr Anpalagan was trained at Westmead Hospital and has obtained the fellowship of The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (FRANZCOG).

In his training at Westmead Hospital, he had the opportunity to manage a variety of complicated pregnancies.

Dr Anpalagan has obtained an advanced laparoscopic (‘key hole’) surgery fellowship through Sydney West Advanced Pelvic Surgery (SWAPS) Unit, where he is now a member of the SWAPS team.

Having a strong interest in research, he has published his research work in “The Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynaecology”, a reputable international publication. As a husband and father of two young children, Dr Anpalagan understands the health needs of mothers and women in general. Combined with his training and extensive experience, this enables him to deliver excellent service to his clients. Dr Anpalagan is practicing at Westmead Public, Westmead Private and Norwest Private Hospitals.

To consult Dr Anpalagan you can book an appointment by calling 02 8850 1821.

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